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Helping Keep Plastics Out of the Environment

Plastic waste in our environment— including in our ocean—is unacceptable

America’s Plastic Makers® are committed to doing our part to help end plastic waste in the environment. And we’re taking action.

Solving this multi-dimensional problem requires a collaborative, global approach, so we are working with scientists, conservation groups, and government agencies across the globe to deliver real, workable solutions.

Together, we can solve this.

mom with young child recycling plastics

We envision a future in which all plastics are recovered and repurposed to benefit people and our planet.

America's Plastic Makers® are the leading U.S. producers of plastic resin who are among the world’s foremost providers of innovations, which improve the quality of our lives, our environment, and our economy. America's Plastic Makers® is a registered mark of the American Chemistry Council, Inc.