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How Will We Be Successful?

We all must work together.
We cannot succeed on our own.

Just as the problem of plastics in the environment has no single source, the solutions will not come from one single entity.

Solving this multi-dimensional problem requires a collaborative, global approach. America’s Plastic Makers are working with scientists, conservation groups, and government agencies from across the globe to deliver real, workable solutions… to find new ways to recover  and repurpose  used plastics, which will keep them out of the environment.

We will succeed by working together.

Multiple national and international collaborative efforts are underway to optimize collection of used plastics so they are recovered from the waste or litter stream. And emerging technologies and new business models are expanding opportunities to repurpose used plastics.

worker removing plastic litter from ocean

For example, our members helped found and lead the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, composed of prominent global companies, including brand owners, retailers, chemical and plastic makers, plastic processors, and waste management companies. The Alliance has set a goal of deploying $1.5 billion over five years in infrastructure, innovation, education/engagement, and cleanup to help end plastic waste in the environment.

The Alliance is working collaboratively to help stop the flow of plastics into the ocean/environment. The initial focus is on rapidly developing countries where population and economic growth has outpaced the development of waste management systems, and on rivers that carry vast amounts of waste out to sea.

In addition, we helped create a global network of plastic industry groups that have committed to helping end plastic waste in the marine environment. We’re delivering anti-marine litter projects in six key areas (education, research, recycling, public policy/litter enforcement, sharing best practices, and stewardship of plastic materials) and reporting our progress every two years. This network currently includes 75 plastics associations in 40 countries and has launched some 355 projects globally, more than 110 of which are in North America.

If used plastics are no longer perceived as waste – if communities across the globe can create value from the plastics they now discard – then those plastics will be recovered, repurposed, and not reach the environment.

To succeed we all must work together. We cannot succeed alone.

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