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What Can You Do to Help?

father and daughter at the grocery store

We will succeed when we all work together. We cannot succeed alone.

Everybody can take steps to help keep plastics out of the environment. Here are some ideas:

  • Reduce Reuse Recycle – This is the simplest step to keep plastics out of the environment. For example, plastics bags: If you don’t need a bag, don’t take a bag. If you take a bag, reuse it as often as possible. If you can’t reuse a bag, recycle it at one of more than 18,000 drop-off locations in the United States.
  • Make sure you’re recycling right to keep plastics out of the environment. Check with your local recycler or government to learn which plastics go in the recycling bin… or go to to find out. Grandparents Recycling With Grandson in Kitchen
  • Support companies that use recycled plastics, including ocean plastics.
  • Consider financially or personally supporting non-profit organizations that help keep plastics out of the environment, especially our waterways and ocean.
  • Participate in beach clean ups, such as the Great American Cleanup sponsored by Keep America Beautiful or the International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy.Collecting rubbish off a beach. Plastic containers, bottles in their bag. Women picking up rubbish from the waters edge.
  • Support your local community anti-litter efforts, such as those sponsored by Keep America Beautiful.
  • Support public policy that helps recover and repurpose more plastics.
  • Check out the initiatives at the bottom of these pages. Some of them might be able to use your help.

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