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What Problem Are We Working to Solve?

Far too many plastics find their way into our environment, especially our ocean and rivers.

Most of the plastic litter in our ocean is from emerging economies whose growth has outpaced their ability to manage waste (five countries in Asia account for nearly 60 percent of the litter in our ocean). In many cases, there is no system to collect and manage waste or recycle materials. So plastics and all sorts of other refuse make their way into waterways or the ocean… and then spread across the globe.

While the United States accounts for less than one percent of ocean litter, more than two-thirds of plastic packaging in our nation winds up buried in landfills. And plastics too often become litter.

plastic litter at beach
aerial view of ocean

We are committed to doing our part to end plastic waste in the environment.

To solve this multidimensional problem, plastics must be recovered and repurposed in ways that benefit people and the environment.

Plastics have contributed significantly to human safety and sustainability. They make our cars safer and more fuel efficient, they make our homes more energy efficient, they make our food supply safer and help reduce food waste, and they protect all of us in essential ways every day. And because plastics are lightweight and strong, they help reduce the environmental impact of consumer packaging and products that we all rely on.

But plastics do not belong in our natural environment.

To fight the growing problem of ocean plastics, America’s Plastic Makers®, the leading U.S. producers of modern plastic materials, are helping develop global solutions to end plastic waste in the environment.

As we implement these solutions, we will communicate about the scope of the problem, what needs to be done, and what we’re doing.

Business as usual is not sustainable. The only choice is change.

America's Plastic Makers® are the leading U.S. producers of plastic resin who are among the world’s foremost providers of innovations, which improve the quality of our lives, our environment, and our economy. America's Plastic Makers® is a registered mark of the American Chemistry Council, Inc.